That One Day in The Boro

Yesterday I bowled the #12Bagger event in Greensboro, NC. We bowled on 39ft Seoul pattern. The surface of the bowling center allowed me to play close to the gutter. However, it was a bit tricky as 1-2-3 were OB. I got trapped the first 2 games trying to play to far left. I shot 190-160. Frustrated and confused, I moved right with a ball (Desert Ops) that I knew wasn’t going to over-hook on me. Game 3 I shot 200 making sub-par shots and just being plain frustrated as I could see what the pattern was giving me but couldn’t physically make good enough shots to score on it.

Game 4, Ron Clifton told me to put on the google glasses and I shot 268. I followed it up with a 235 game, and the last pair I missed the move in and only managed to scrape up a 180 game. I lead fortunately; I also, was the only bowler plus for the qualifying portion of the tournament.

In match-play, I won the first match by a few sticks throwing the Dream Big Pearl. The second match I lost by a few pins due to a personal error. I missed a single pin late in the second game and my opponent stepped up in the 10th frame and threw a strike to win. There’s nothing you can do when you give someone else the opportunity to win and they execute perfectly.

Overall, I am pleased with my performance. I was testing the waters with the new equipment and I believe it was a success.

I struggle with the fact that bowlers don’t turn out for what I feel is the best youth tournament in NC. The tournament directors give 100% of the money back to us, they find sponsors to give us free samples, and they donate their time for FREE. I personally feel that they should have the most entries out of any youth tour around. The directors dedicate their time for free to run the event unlike the other tournament directors in NC. This dedication isn’t for the fame or recognition, its because they want to see youth bowling survive.

I’m dropping a survey form that I want readers to answer. Answer honestly please. All feedback is helpful to the tournament directors.

#900Global #VISE #Genesis #12Bagger

-Kennon McFalls

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