Stretch Your Limits

This weeks focus is about stretching. Many of us struggle with committing to a regular flexibility regimen, but the benefits go well beyond just stretching out tight muscles and joints. Improving your flexibility might be the missing piece to really improve your running times or being able to lift more weight in your resistance training. You won’t only relieve pain in joints, but you’ll enhance the training you’re focusing on – that be it resistance or endurance. Here are some stretches you can complete every day to consistently build flexibility:
Standing wall calf stretch
Standing wall soleus stretch
Seated hamstring stretch (single leg, double leg)
Overhead triceps stretch
Bridges (holding for lower back)
Cross body shoulder stretch

Do each stretch twice: one holding for 30 seconds and one holding for 60 seconds. Try to reach a bit further each time and be amazed with how quickly your flexibility will increase!

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