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Copy-Cat CrossFit – BowlFit Fitness Tip of the Week

**DISCLAIMER: THESE PROGRAMS ARE NOT CROSSFIT CERTIFIED NOR ARE LINKED TO CROSSFIT IN ANY WAY** Much related to (but more advanced than) the HIIT workouts, CrossFit incorporates some intense, sometimes explosive, movements that not only help you tone your body, build muscle, and lose weight, but it can also be mimicked in the comfort of […]

BowlFit – PWBA Bowler Heather Derrico

One of my goals this year is to work on posture. The issue of postural kyphosis is continuously becoming more existent with our attachment to cell phones, iPads, laptops etc. After 7 years of school I developed some slight kyphosis myself by sitting with poor posture. I am using strength training to create the proper […]

Core Work – BowlFit Fitness Tip of the Week

Everyone wants to “work their core” and have killer abs. But the truth is most people don’t learn how to properly engage all their intra abdominal muscles before attempting all their sit ups and crunches. First off, ditch sit ups and crunches all together because they are wasting your time. Second, start by lying on […]

Ankle Stability in Bowling

Let’s face it: your bottom half is your better half. Your legs support all of your movements by staggering your weight throughout each step. The ankle, though, can take a lot of stress if movements aren’t performed appropriately. Try incorporating some exercises and stretches to strengthen and increase flexibility for reduced tightness in your ankles […]

Eating Smart for A Healthy Life

An area of health and wellness that is often misunderstood and depicted incorrectly is nutrition. You’ll hear reporters and media icons make flashy claims about a single, brand new study and it’s shocking, controversial results. The fact of the matter is, nutrition science is always evolving and expanding. A single study with “significant” results needs […]

Skip The Endurance Cardio

Let’s face it, we all weren’t born to love long distance running and lengthy amount of time on the treadmill. If you find yourself dreading the long haul but desire a cardio routine to help you burn fat and lose weight to reach your weight loss goals, then consider a different approach: supersets and circuits. […]