The Beginning

I’m going to start this journey with… bowling is a crazy game, and I love it! The practices, tournaments, missed cuts, missed spares, friendships gained, weekend road trips, first big tournament traveled to (mine was junior gold in Dallas Ft. Worth), first thought of bowling PBA, first adult tournament… the list goes on, this game consumes you. It can make you feel angry, exhausted, and defeated. Then turn right around and have you on cloud 9, feeling on top of the world.

Little did I know that when I was 10 years old trying my hardest just to beat my father when we first started bowling would turn into me getting to experience the “ups and downs” in everything on this list while chasing my dreams to be the best bowler in the world!

My dad and I had so many nights where the “school night” rules were broken. Coming home past my bedtime because he just couldn’t let me win the last game. I will never forget the look my mother gave him when we walked into the house those nights. And the nights where I won the last game, I just added gasoline to his hot seat with asking him the famous question “Dad, who’s the man?” My father and I had a bonus that came with winning the game that was for bragging rights. Whenever the winner ask that question, “who’s the man?” the loser had to answer, no matter what. My primetime of taking advantage of this perk was whenever we were around any of my friends. There’s nothing cooler to a 10 year old, than hearing your father say “you’re the man, son” in front of your friends.

I thank God for putting so much opportunity into that little competition we had. I honestly believe, without that, I would have never perused bowling the way I did…What started the beginning for you?

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