Maverick Pearl Propels Tommy Jones to PBA CCFA Strike Out Crohns & Colitis South Open Title

Tommy Jones used the Ebonite Maverick Pearl and Hammer Gauntlet to lock down the competition and claim the PBA CCFA Strike Out Crohns & Colitis South Open title.

Jones said it was nice to bowl well and win on lanes that played harder than normal. “You had to create hold with angles and tilt,” he said. “There wasn’t free hook to the right.”

The Maverick Pearl was Jones’ ball of choice for the stepladder, a ball he had used in previous blocks of the tournament. “I really like the Maverick Pearl for an asymmetric ball that gives me consistent reaction as the lanes transition,” he said.

This south region PBA regional was held on Friday, March 24 and concluded on Sunday, March 26 at Boardwalk Bowl in Orlando, FL. The tournament was bowled on the 41′ PBA World Championship pattern.

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