About US

Vision: Bowlers, like anyone in any other craft or profession, know that reaching the goal is gratifying itself, but the true satisfaction comes from the work you put in pursuing that goal. #12BaggerBowling was developed in 2015 by Gerald Richardson & Kedrick / Kellen Murphy.

The Mission: at 12Bagger is to help bowlers of all skill levels reach their goals and enjoy the sport as much as possible.

To Date, #JustBowl Scholarship Foundation by 12Bagger has awarded over $40,000 in scholarship monies and counting.Thus far 12Bagger started a Youth Bowling Tour (#YBT) in 2017, Showing our youth bowlers that #BowlingIsAlive. 12Bagger YBT currently has one Jr Team USA bowler – Kennon McFalls and also have one of our bowlers, Caroline Thesier, win the U15 Girls division this year at Storm Youth Championships. 12Bagger will continue to build the bowling community and set a standard to grow our youths future.

12Bagger, not just a brand, It’s a lifestyle, will you join us in changing the game? #ForTheGameWeLove #BowlingIsAlive #JustBowl #12Bagger